About Us

About Us
We started online in December of 2016, and opened our first store in January of 2017. Our first location was in our owners hometown that she grew up in, Chattanooga, TN. Our second location opens in September of 2018 in our owners birth town, Knoxville, TN. 
Meet Our Owner
Meet Emmaline! She opened started her first store her Freshman year of college selling sorority clothing, and started Emmaline's her senior year in the Fall of 2016. As she was graduating, she decided she wanted to continue making clothes affordable, but wanted to expand to everyday clothing items! From their it was history! 
Emmaline started her online store at the age of 20 years of age, opened her first store at 21 years, and is opening her second store at 22 years of age. She was inspired to start Emmaline's to help women purchase clothing at an affordable price. Throughout college, she aspired to always have the cutest clothing, but could never afford it. She didn't want that for other women in the world, and that's where Emmaline's was born! 
We are an officially licensed greek vendor. 
Contact Us: 
Email: shopatemmalines@gmail.com
Phone Number: 423-503-0254