About Us

Meet Our Owner

 Hello from Emmaline and her family! Meet Emmaline, Ziggy (left, brown dog), Stonewall (middle, gold dog), Aria (right, white dog), and Lee (Emmaline's Husband). Emmaline just had a sweet baby boy on September 14th, named Robert 'Leland' McNiel IV. 
Emmaline graduated from the University of Mississippi in May of 2017, and founded Emmaline's in December of 2016, with a degree in Business Marketing and a Minor in Civil Engineering, Mathematics, and Business Administration.  Emmaline's opened its first store in January of 2018 at 163 River Street, where they later grew into a larger store. They moved to 133 Frazier Avenue in March of 2019. 
She founded Emmaline's to make clothing more affordable for women of all ages. When she was in college, she hated shopping, because she always felt so guilty for spending so much money on so little. She wants shopping to empower women, to where they don't feel so guilty for buying things for themselves. Emmaline's offers the same brands and clothes as other stores, just at a much more affordable price.
Emmaline's is based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have one brick and mortar store in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. We are working on growing our online business, so help us grow. 
To see Emmaline's daily post an insight in our her life, follow her on Instagram: @emmalinemcniel 
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